About Lush Gardens

I am RHS Horticulture trained (Broomfield College, Derbyshire), with over ten years experience working in the horticultural retail environment.

I have a passion for plants that, apparently, runs in the family. I discovered a very early leaning towards flora as well as fauna. I created herbaceous borders in our family garden before I’d reached my teens, and attempted (unsuccessfully) to memorise an encyclopedia of common garden plants by the age of fifteen!

My first job was in a garden centre, potting up and maintaining plants in the Plant Area. Strange that, after a ten year gap working as a Legal Secretary and Website Designer, I wound up back in a garden centre working in the Plant Area as Supervisor.

My own gardens have always flourished. I’ve never been able to refrain from completely re-designing a garden. It is always my quest to create a space that is a sanctuary and a pleasure to be in.

Gardening is both physically rewarding and emotionally satisfying. The pleasure is in the creation and the end result. This is why I always take up any opportunity to design and create gardens for others.

If you would like a consultation or quote with a view to design or construction of a garden, or if you require professional plant advice, please contact us below.


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